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What is the pig Pack formula?
What are the reasons behind your decision to only endorse Youngevity®?
I am overweight and have tried everything, what is the nutritional solution?
Is there any comfort help for Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Who is Dr. Wallach?
What government documentation can you offer to prove our food is nutrient poor?
What is "humic shale?
How is Majestic Earth made from this shale?
How can you prove your minerals are "Best"?
When will these deposits run out?
What do aluminum cans have to do with tin deficiencies?
What can you tell me about Blue-Green Algae?
What is "Biological transmutation of minerals"?
Turkeys stopped dying of this in 1957?
Why are there so many athletes dying on the field?
Why minerals before vitamins?
Where do I start?
How much do I take?
How Often?
Why do the minerals have to be kept in the icebox?
What happens if it freezes?
What kind of side effects can I expect?
What about the chance of "overdose?
Are these products compatible with each other?
What about side effects with my medication?
What do you mean by "All Natural"?
Will I feel better soon?
"Can your products cure me?
What does the word "colloidal mean?
Iron clad guarantee??

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