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Question - You stated that minerals are neither created or destroyed. Not true. Elements do transmute and form different elements. A French scientist (Professor C. Louis Kervran: Member of the New York Academy of Science and Director of Conferences of the Paris University) has written a book called "Biological Transmutations", published by the Happiness Press, Magali, Ca. Chris Bird wrote a chapter about Professor Kervran in the book "The Secret Life of Plants".

He states that at the subatomic level, unknown changes, etc. are produced. Light weight elements do transmute. In chapter 6 he discusses how calcium is derived from silicone. On page 95 he discusses how enzymes in the human body allow iron to change into manganese.

Dr. Wallach: Yes, minerals do transmute from higher periodic chart numbers to lower. For instance, uranium over thousands of years will eventually turn into lead .But you can't go the other direction. You can't take lead and go make gold, which has been tried.

The work of Professor Kervran involved chickens laying soft eggs. Then they'd go out in the barnyard and eat sand in the barnyard and suddenly their eggs would have calcium in the shells again. So he felt that the birds were transmuting the silica into calcium. Not true. It doesn't work that way.

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The birds were not only eating sand. There was also little bits of calcium carbonate in there from coral and oysters. And it doesn't take much for it to get in the eggshells.

No living system...no plants or animals...can make minerals or transmute minerals. In the laboratory, in industry, you can make diamonds and rubies. So the definition which we had when I was in grade school - "minerals can be neither created or destroyed" - isn't quite accurate. Now you have to say: "Minerals can neither be created nor destroyed by living systems". In a laboratory you can take raw materials and create minerals.

Interestingly, things like precious jewels actually aren't a pure mineral. They're usually aluminum - based and have contaminants in them which give them their color.

I know Chris Bird from "The Secret Life of Plants". He's a great writer and a very interesting fellow.

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