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Question - There are lots of mineral products on the market. How can you prove Majestic Earth is the best?

Dr. Wallach "Best depends on two things: Quality (absorbability) and quantity (variety and amount) of minerals. Majestic Earth is a colloidal plant product, as we just discussed, and that is absolutely the best quality.

As for quantity.... here's a test you can do in your own kitchen. Take a quart of some other product and a quart of Majestic Earth. Simmer (DON'T boil) them to get the water off. And use a Teflon pan so you can lift out all the minerals. How much mineral is left?

I have tested many, many other products. And some of them, you can put the mineral that's in a quart on the business end of a pen. Maybe a quarter inch in diameter.

You'll discover that no product you can but ANYWHERE comes close to the 38 grams/liter of minerals that you get in Majestic Earth. You'll find products with 1/2 a gram per liter. Some even less.

And that's the problem with inorganic. You just can't get enough in there. The liquid will only hold so much of that material. But with the organic plant colloidals, the liquid will hold thousands of times more minerals. This is why the Majestic Earth is so unique.


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Compare Majestic Earth Brand X Brand XXX
Number of minerals 72 65 50
Source Plant Derived Inorganic Seabed Clay Mixed
OK for Pre-Natal Yes Not Ok per label NO Comment
Amount of Chloride 000000 1,100 mg/L 5,500 mg/L
Wallach Endorsed YES NO NO
Years on the Market 71 years 2 years 5 months
Tape used Two hour 90 minute 92 minute
Absorbability 98% 8 - 10% No Comment
Wallach's company Youngevity® NO NO
Sweetened NO Yes honey No Comment
Money Back? YES No Comment No Comment
OK for Diabetics? Yes NO NoComment
OK for Children? Yes No Comment No Comment
Process Water Leached Acid Leached No Comment

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