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Colloidal Minerals

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Majestic Earth

 Plant Derived Colloidal


Each quart of Majestic Earth plant derived colloidal mineral plant derived colloidal mineral solution contains up to 77 minerals in unaltered organically bound colloidal form. Majestic Earth® Plant Derived Minerals™ - More Details

These minerals are produced from  prehistoric plant material known as "humic shale" which comes from Southeastern Utah.
Humic shale is pulverized and placed in large food grade vats and submerged in purified cool water and allowed to leach naturally and undisturbed for many weeks. During this period the plant derived minerals blend with the water to form an organic colloidal concentrate Dr Wallach affectionately calls Majestic Earthmineral deficiency .

To eliminate random mineral deficiency in livestock the agricultural industry added minerals and trace minerals to feed pellets so that every mouthful the animal consumed contained optimal levels of minerals. By contrast humans have historically been told that "you can get everything you need from your four food groups."

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Minerals are essential to life itself!


  1. Store in cool environment after opening.
  2. Suggested as a food for special dietary use. For adults, mix one ounce per 100 pounds of body weight 1 to 2 times daily. For children, one teaspoon for every 20 pounds body weight. Drink during or after meals, one to three times a day or as desired with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

  3. As with any nutritional supplement program, check with your health professional.

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Majestic EarthMinerals - 32 oz. #13203 -

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