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Basic Health Pack

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Recommended for those who have already used the Pig Pak for a few months
AND who have no degenerative conditions

Basic Health Pack Contains:

1 Bottle of Majestic Earth ULTIMATE
 Majestic Earth ULTIMATE is so loaded with up to 77 minerals and other nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, bioflavinoids, and grape see extract.
13201 - ME Ultimate Classic - $38.00

1 Bottle of Ultimate E.F.A.
EFA's (essential fatty acids) are vital to good health.  This vital supplement has also been known to reduce cholesterol. The perfect supplement for vegetarians or anyone wanting to keep their cholesterol in check. 20641 - Ultimate E.F.A. - Soft Gels - $13.00

Basic Health Pack

Basic Health
1 Orig. Ultimate
1 Ultimate EFA
Health Plus
1 Orig. Ultimate
1 Orig. Minerals
1 Ultimate EFA
1 Ultimate Cal
Ultimate Health
2 Orig. Ultimate
2 Orig. Minerals
1 Herbal Rainforest
1 Gluco-Gel
1 Ultimate EFA
1 Ultimate Cal
1 Sweet Eze
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