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CM Cream
Joint Pain Cream

The UltimateCM Cream is "Now Available" ! This is an unbelievable product and is sure to quickly become a favorite among Youngevity® Associates and Customers.

The UltimateCM Cream is designed for those nagging aches and pains, and the compound in our CM Cream is endorsed by Tony Gwynn!

 Tony has been a popular part of our own San Diego Padres baseball team for many years and is a sure bet to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame!

The CM Cream is a great compliment to the UltimateCM Pluscapsules and the Pig Pack
for daily supplementation. Be sure to order yours right away!

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Use: Adults and children over 2 years of age and older , not more than 3-4 times a day.

Contents: Purified water, Cm Complex, Glycerin, Peppermint Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Stearate

UltimateCM Cream #150201 - 2 fluid ounce,

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Dr. Wallach, veterinary pathologist for 30 years has formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs, cats and birds.

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