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The Currency of Life

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Even its basic makeup defies logic. Salt is a blend of sodium and chlorine - the first a metal so un- stable that it bursts into flame when exposed to water; the second a lethal gas. When we swallow the blend, it forms hydrochloric acid in our stomachs. Suicidal? No, an absolute necessity for life."
- G. Young National Geographic

MINERALS: The Currency of Life

Minerals and mineral supplements to our meals are in fact a necessity of life. Since before recorded history man craved and consciously consumed minerals including the major minerals, trace minerals and Rare Earths in the form of clays, salts, animal tissue (bones and meat) or colloidal mineral rich plants.

The basic functions of life itself cannot be performed without minerals, either as a major part of the function or as a catalytic cofactor (i.e. - RNA, DNA, sub cellular and digestive enzymes and the utilization of vitamins) - yet despite more than 10,000 years of human experience the allopathic medical profession would have us believe that all we modern humans need for optimal health and longevity is their steward-ship, the four food groups, pharmaceuticals, radiation, surgery and organ transplants!! Simply said, minerals are the currency of life. The medical profession ignores this truth to the point past the absurd - the most profound example we can think of is salt. Physicians would have you believe that you need little or no salt (they must think we are dumber than cows for the first food item a good husbandry man puts out for his live-stock is a salt block! !); however, the multi- billion dollar a year snack food industry is well aware of your need and craving for salt and other minerals.

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Grape Seed Extract (OPC) with Green Tea

Dr. Wallach, veterinary pathologist for 30 years has formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for dogs, cats and birds.

Colloidal Minerals-the First Mineral Supplement, Salt



In July of 1993 thousands of people on the east coast of the United States were swooning and fainting and hundreds dying during a sweltering heat wave that soared above 110 F; the effects of the heat wave on the population were so dramatic that the body count was published in newspaper headlines as though they were fallen American soldiers in a far off place. No one it seemed knew what to do; the state medical examiner of Pennsylvania said "we don't know why so many have been affected by the heat - half of the dead and hospitalized had air conditioners." The cause was screaming at the medical profession but no one voiced or printed the appropriate public warning.

We knew the horrible toll was the result of a simple salt or sodium deficiency (your basic heat stroke that any Boy Scout could diagnose and recognize and remedy with water and salt); yes, a salt deficiency caused by the allopathic paranoia of salt.

The human tragedy of the heat wave of '93 was a direct result of the allopathic doctors who put their charges (their patients) on reduced or salt free diets for high blood pressure or heart disease. About a week after the carnage the state medical examiner's office again marveled from his pulpit, "the only common denominator we found in the dead and affected during the heat wave was that they all had heart disease or high blood pressure." Yes, as we predicted they had all been placed on low salt or no salt diets by their physicians and of interest was the fact that those reaching the emergency room and those who were successfully treated were treated with IV saline solution (salt water!!!)....

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